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Host: Tommy Adkins


Tom got his start as a political writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. That led to over 2,000 TV appearances on Fox News, CNN, ABC, and a long list of other local TV and radio shows.


Tom always wondered why all the late-night comedy shows slanted left. Why not conservative comedy? Out of sheer frustration, Tom created “Tommy’s Garage.” to fill a long overdue gap in Late Night Comedy.

Now, with over ONE MILLION VIEWERS each week, Tommy's vision has been proven right.  

Pull up a chair, pop open that beer, it's time for Tommy's Garage!


The Voice


Matthew "The Voice" Guidry has roots in both Texas and Louisiana.  Not much is known about Matt.  Legend has it that, when he was born, rather than crying, he sang Barry White's You Are My First My Last My Everything!

Granted Matt has a face for Radio but, that voice could melt butter.

The Voice

Rosie Rosenkranz


ROBERT ROSIE ROSENKRANZ was born and raised in Chicago.  He stared his working career at 15 at the Brookfield Zoo as a seasonal security officer. His last year at BZoo Rosie worked as a dolphin trainer and assisted with the daily dolphin shows.


Rosie graduated High school at 16. Became the youngest paramedic in Illinois at 17 years old.

At 21 got hired at The Cook County Sheriff's Dept. 

After 4 years as a sheriff in Chicago Rosie packed up whatever he could fit in his 81 Turbo Trans Am and moved to Houston Texas. 

Rosie was hired at the Harris County Sheriff's Dept.

Rosie was trained as a Crime Scene Investigator by The FBI & DPS State Troopers.


Rosie finished his 32-year career in law enforcement as a criminal court bailiff working for judges in the 183rd criminal district court.

After retirement, Rosie began a successful networking marketing business with ASEA Redox a small Biotech Research and Development company helping to market a new Human cell regeneration technology. 


Rosie has been a full time regular on Tommy's Garage TV Show for over 6 1/2 years.

Rosie has always been a people helping persons his entire life. 


Mike Rao


Mike Rao has recently come out of retirement and you can catch him in Houston and on the road throughout the US and Canada.  Mike has appeared on numerous radio and television shows both local and national.


Mike has performed his standup act all over the the US and Canada. He has recently performed with many top comedians including, Chris Kattan, The Latin Kings of Comedy Paul Rodriquez & Alex Reymudo.  You may have also seen Mike performing in various comedy dinner theater shows throughout the Northeast.


Mike's hilarious rendition of marriage, family, being fat and food will have you in tears laughing. 


Sam Griesbaum


Sam Griesbaum is a recovering comedian: a veteran of clubs, colleges, concerts, cruise ships, and numerous tv appearances (Evening At The Improv, Showtime, The Comedy Channel, Prime Time Country, Music City Tonight, The Shotgun Red Show, and probably America's Most Wanted),


Sam fell in with the paste eating window lickers at Tommy's Garage. They fed him, and since then, he has refused to leave.


Señorita Fuego


Señorita Fuego was born in Caracas, Venezuela.


She is an up-and-coming comedian with a segment of the same name on Tommy’s Garage TV show where she reaches out to the Hispanic community. 


With her spicy personality and sassy Latina sense of humor, she has audiences laughing in 2 languages! 


When Señorita Fuego is not on stage, you can find her entertaining her family and friends and making them laugh, as well as loving her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. (Don't get excited.  They're her dogs).


Gavin Babineaux


Gavin describes himself as a Catholic. Conservative. Metal head. 

Born in Louisiana, Gavin has very deep Cajun roots. He's so Cajun that, on Halloween, he says beaux!

Tommy's Garage is not the only political show Gavin appears on.  Gavin can often be seen on "The Isiah Factor" as well as his very own podcast, Barbarically Candid!


Jamie Cruz


Jamie is 36 years old with two sassy kids with the same big blue eyes. She's an executive at a credit union in East Houston and works hard for the money!

She's a natural ginger, sarcastic, quick witted, and a smart ass. Jamie's always right, which means you're always wrong. Don't question it. Jamie can usually turn anything you say into something salacious because that's just how her mind works.


Jamie's a bowling enthusiast, laser tag aficionado, volleyball fanatic, and karaoke singing champion!


Kendrick Dean aka "The Master of Disaster".

Not much is known about Kendrick.  He showed up at Tommy's Garage one day, sat in the 3rd chair for The Bigot Lottery, and has been there ever since.  

No one knows what he really looks like as he wears shades 24/7.

He leaves the show from time to time to "vacation" in places like Kabul, Iraq and Russia. 

Something tells me he may work for an un-named 3 letter agency?


Matt Miller

Man of many hats Matthew Kuehn Miller is a 9th Generation Texan, Carpenter, Cowboy Poet, Artist, Chef, Actor, TV Show Host, Cartoonist, Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, and Serial Entrepreneur.


"I like to keep my mind and hands occupied at all times, and I move fast. I love entertaining and making people laugh using cynical sarcasm, and think using the truth. I'm not exactly known for dressing the facts up, and if you've ever seen me water my lawn... you'd know I'm not exactly known for dressing up at all."


When Matt isn't making people laugh on Tommy's Garage, he can be found producing video content for such companies as Halliburton, IBM, Aramco, Siemens and hundreds of small businesses across the United States. You can also catch him as Host of Heartland Networks Original Food and Travel Series "Texan on Tour" where he explores the best food, folks and fun in the Great State of Texas.


Alec the Millennial

Alec the Millennial is seasonal cast member of Tommy’s Garage. He has been a member for 4 years and though comedy isn’t his specialty he makes up for it with his devilish looks.


Alec's only wish in life is for a rich woman to spot him on Tommy’s Garage and take him off of his father’s couch.

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