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Sam's Corner: SPECIAL - NRA '22

Today on Sam's Corner, we come to you from the NRA Annual Convention in Houston, TX May 27-29, 2022.

NRA 22: A special thank you to the NRA, Kel-Tec Industries, North American Arms, and High Point Firearms for allowing us to chat with you on the Corner and showing us what’s new with your bang sticks. We look forward to working more with these fantastic organizations in the future.

We were fortunate enough to speak with specialists from Kel-Tech Industries, North American Arms, and High Point Firearms.

There are some interesting goodies that will be rolling out to your local gun dealer later this year.

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Thanks Sam your a down to earth American high point always gets a bad rap I can think of a few others that go off when you drop them for 10 times the price Your right they make a great glove box gun the best anyway see you at Tommy’s garage. God bless and stay safe out there

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